agalmics (uh-GAL-miks), n. [Gr. "agalma", "a pleasing gift"] The study and practice of the anti-economical allocation of non-scarce goods. Agalmic Zen shopping involves purchasing things which are not scarce, so I can sell them to you without appreciably diminishing my supply!

Agalmic Zen Shopper's World
Vernon A-ZenMaster E

Are scarce and unique objects really more valuable than common everyday items?
Followers of the True A-Zen Shopping Way know that non-scarcity enhances an object's intrinsic value!

Collectors and gift-givers, put on your A-Zen Meditation Caps! Ponder this - if an object is rare,
doesn't that mean it just wasn't important enough to distribute in mass quantities?

Take the first step on your path to A-Zen Mastery today!!

Here's what you should get:

Jumbo Bag O'Rocks ($100.)
They're here! Random selection (heavy, light, small, big, smooth, rough) of 100% natural organic rocks! Collect 'em all! No end of fun - rake them around the yard, pile and unpile them, box and unbox them, throw them.
No, not really! Just sit still and meditate on how it would be to do these things perfectly. Be at One With Your lnner Bulls-eye!
Quantities vary.

Rock display stand not included.


A-Zen Pencil Set ($100)
Matched pair of professionally pre-sharpened Ticonderoga No.2 pencils, wood outside, graphite inside. Just close your eyes and try to touch the pencil points together in a straight line for perfect symmetry (balance!!).With a little practice you'll master several mid-air, flat surface and behind-the-back techniques of traditional A-Zen pencil arrangement . Buy a pair for each member of the family! They'll be serene for hours!

Box 0' Kaons ($100)
No, not koans - KAONS! A 16 oz. box of the most infinitesimally small (honest, they're invisible!) particles in the universe! Collect 'em all!Open the resealable boxtop, pour 'em out - no messy bowl or liquids required - and contemplate the perfect blending of matter and anti-matter particles over and over and over and over again to infinity!
A great way to start the day.

Empty Bag ($100)

Finest quality airweight faux plastic bag, comes with or without twisted paper handles, selection of colors (including transparent!), handy 1" folded size fits any pocket! Reach for Empty Bag whenever you sense disturbing vibrations in your personal sphere. Envision yourself putting rocks into it! Snap it open and meditate on the eternal illusion/reality puzzles suggested by its non-contents! A thoughtful gift for the hard-to-please teenager on your list.

Paper Cup ($100)
Just add water! "Hey, is Paper Cup half empty or half full? If it fell off the kitchen counter and nobody was home, would it make a sound? If so, who would hear it - people, or trees? Well, if it were plastic and not paper, what then?"   These and other ancient meditational suggestions in the Paper Cup brochure will get you started.

Blank Bumper Sticker ($100)
Make a difference- advocate Perfect Blankness! Our most popular item.

These and millions of other non-scarce items are available at all AZenMaster E outlets worldwide! Stop in today - or just think about it and wait for the holiday rush, makes no difference!

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