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Disappearance of the Bees



Highlands Disappearing Act





R e d e v e l o p m e n t

Three Things which should concern every citizen

The Columbia Shuttle Disaster
February 1, 2003 - a sad day for NASA and the world. Photos, bios of the Columbia crew.

DEP On Vernon's Water and Sewer Issues, June 2003...

The Theft Of Your Vote...is it just a chip away?

The Kind Of Growth You Always Wanted...

Schools, Taxes - And Class(room)War...

Water Shortage - The Latest, Greatest Business Opportunity

Vernon's Sewer Plan, 2004

A River Shouldn't Run Through It
After a construction "mistake" in McAfee, the deluge...

Earth To Vernon
Satellite Dishes'R'Us in Vernon, NJ

Sewers and Water
Troublous subjects, usually discussed at daggers drawn

Abolish The NJ Property Tax
Some historical relics are definitely not worth saving

Thorns In The Side Of TeamNation?

Newsblast From The Past
Some old newspaper articles (like this one from 1994) have resonance in Vernon 2001

Take The Vernon S.A.T
(Survival Aptitude Test)

Swami's Psychic Predictions For Vernon 2003

Swami's Psychic Predictions for Vernon 2002

Swami's Psychic Predictions for Vernon 2001
Swami Snatchidimunny Returns

Swami's Psychic Predictions for Vernon 2000
Swami Snatchidamunny Sees All

Zen Shopper's World
The Agalmic Zen Way of Shopping

Vernon EarthFest 2001
Snapshots taken at the PAL Center on April 29,2001

Energy Consumers' Choice - Rock vs. Hard Place
We have gone from regulated energy monopolies to unregulated energy monopolies...

Stranger Than Fiction
You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

June 26, 2001 Vernon Primary WHO'S WHO
GOP & DEM candidates' bio page

Clearing The Canoe Trail
Aug.25,2001 - How A Group Of Volunteers
"Reopened" A Scenic Waterway In Vernon


The Christmas Comet, 2001

Who Will Own The Water?
Yes, another screed about the water supply...

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