What to do to save the "middle class"
There is only the Working Class (aka the 99%)and the Ruling Class (aka the >1%) So the working class has to stick together and quit dreaming of winning the lottery. Organize unions and have meetings and demand living wages. And good working conditions.
First off:
1. Make it a civil right to join a union, freely and fairly, without the fear of being fired.
Prohibit discrimination against any person who supports a union.
2. Prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of race, age, gender, handicap, sexual preference, religion, or on the basis of union membership. So add a new civil right - which is a constitutional right.
3. A civil right is much more enforceable than a private case invoking the (weakened) Wagner Act or the (weakened) Fair Labor Standards Act . A civil rights case can be resolved within a reasonable time. A constitutional case that's good to go. Brought by an individual, not a union.

4. In this new union model, forget dues checkoffs or automatic dues payments. Elected delegates or shop stewards should collect dues from members in person every 2 weeks. Or members could go to the union office every 2 weeks or so to pay dues in person. Or mail in a check or money order to the union office. But there should be regular meetings so old and new members alike can be brought up to date on the latest developments. And for solidarity in the common interest.
This new model of organized labor will of course be despised and constantly attacked by the country's ruling class, and might be a shock to the system of multi-affiliated, automatic dues checkoff unions. By the way -ALL industrial/trade unions and ALL workers' hard-won benefits have been under constant right-wing attack since FDR and the New Deal.
-_ccr 4/5/15