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Pre-Election Spamfire And Brimstone

10/28/99  Emails are currently circulating which accuse TC candidate Ira Weiner of saying that "those volunteer firemen do not need all those toys they like to play with."
VWeb has received many emails and FWDs along these lines, none of which were from persons who actually claim to have heard Weiner make this statement.

Because this political spam-o-rama shows no signs of relenting, and because it has clearly stirred the interest of the online community, on 10/28/99 VWeb Local News put the question directly to Ira Weiner as follows: "Did you ever make the statement 'the volunteer firemen do not need all those toys they like to play with' ?"

Here is his reply:
"It's an outright lie. I would never make such a statement. I am the only candidate who supported funding the ATIC thermal imaging camera from day one. When I was on the Township committee we made a special appropriation to purchase a tanker for the Vernon Fire Department. I am the only candidate to address firemen's issues. This is a malicious lie being spread by my opponents."

10/29/99 The only electoral opponent to Mr. Weiner and his GOP slate in the Nov.2 TC election, Democrat Francine Vince, told VWeb: 'As I am Mr. Weiner's only opponent, it is obvious that he was referring to me as spreading these malicious lies. I can tell you that I have never told anyone that Mr. Weiner has said anything of the sort. I have worked with and supported the fire departments for the last ten years, so Mr. Weiner's claims that he is the "Only candidate" to support the fire departments is absolutely untrue. I was at the Mountain Creek fire for 8 hours in the rain. Running errands and serving food for the fire fighters, as I have done for the past 10 years. I was not there as a candidate. I was there as a member of the auxiliary, because I don't talk about supporting the fire departments, I support them!'

...And no, VWeb Local News isn't out to hype any of the candidates.
All are welcome to submit election comments to eVoice.

Nov. 2 Is Election Day

Here are the Vernon TC candidates: Francine Vince (D), Janet Morrison, Ira Weiner, & John Logan (R)

Here are the Freeholder candidates: Howard Burrell (D) and Dick Durina(R)

It is truly said: Politicians and baby diapers should be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

The Sea Captain's/Ralph's House, Cont'd

10/26/99  Most local landmark/historic preservation commissions across the U.S. have a rule in common: although owners of landmark buildings are strongly urged to seek preservation status (federal tax benefit, state and local incentives, etc.), no designation will occur without the consent of the property owner.

This rule was not embodied in Vernon's Historic Preservation Law.

Ralph Carnissecchi, who owns the Sea Captain's House on Rt. 94 downtown, did not ask for and does not consent to the historic landmark designation of his property. As a result, he has been at odds with the Vernon Historic Preservation Commission for four years.

A recent ordinance to designate his house as an historic landmark failed to garner enough Town Council support to be introduced for hearings.

Carnissecchi has proposed that the town's historic preservation law should be changed to prevent the town from designating a property as an historic landmark against its owner's will.

It appears that the Historic Preservation Commission of Vernon opposes the revision which, according to Carnissecchi, would give property owners a "veto option" if enacted.

The ordinance is to be revised, and the Town Council will discuss the matter again at the Nov. 15 workshop meeting.

"Veto option?" Why not get the owner's consent to begin with? The lawyers who represent Ralph Carnissecchi probably can't wait to get out of Vernon and back to the United States at the end of the day.

Mtn Creek: New Lodge, Pronto
10/20/99 Mountain Creek execs have announced that the designs for a preliminary site and operation plan will be released this week re: a new& improved lodge to replace the one that burnt down last week.

The Vernon Chamber of Commerce has appealed to the town gov't to expedite necessary hearings, approvals and inspections relevant to the construction of MC's new lodge.

10/22/99  Plan officially unveiled yesterday for the new MC base lodge, dubbed the Phoenix Base Lodge, which is to be up and running in appx. 60 days.

The artist's rendering of the lodge shows a structure that looks like the Heaven Hill barn, but bigger. It'll be temporary - a permanent new lodge will be built later on. Meanwhile the bolt-together barn and other modular buildings will be in place for this year's ski season.

Fire At Mountain Creek

10/10/99 Fire companies throughout the region joined local firefighters in fighting a horrific blaze at Mountain Creek Park in Vernon earlier today.

Police sources confirmed that that the resort's base lodge was completely destroyed by the fire.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is being conducted by the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office.

The fire was put out at appx. 7:30 AM by the combined efforts of about 200 volunteer firefighters.

10/13/99  Initial reports speculated that the blaze started in a trash dumpster, but official reports have thus far concluded that the fire appeared to have broken out in the kitchen, which was not in use at the time.

The lodge, built mostly of wood, burnt to the ground in about 90 minutes. Officials noted that the lodge kitchen was compliant with the NJ fire code. There was no sprinkler system in the lodge and the fire damage made it impossible to see whether or not the kitchen's fire suppression system had been activated.

Several Mountain Creek employees were present in the lodge when the fire started but no one was injured.

Vernon PD investigators have concluded their investigation into the fire and do not suspect arson . The NJ State Police have not yet concluded their investigation.

Congress to NJ, NY, Whole Northeast: Drop Dead

10/9/99Not one red cent of the U.S. Congress' $1.2 billion Drought/Floyd-related disaster assistance has been earmarked for the Northeast.

Senators from the dissed mid-Atlantic and New England states went psychotic when the financial aid package was unveiled this week, and many expressed contempt for the double standard which heaps the nation's money on Southern and Midwestern states but can't spare a dime for Yankee farmers and flood victims.

Twenty-two Republican and Democratic senators from 11 Northeast states have coalesced in a plan to filibuster the aid bill or to force a White House veto, but either move requires a two-thirds vote of the 67 U.S. senators to succeed. The odds of success are not good - it appears that senators from other regions, who btw have received generous support from Northeast taxpayers many times, now refuse to give disaster-struck Northeasterners more than a slap in the face.

Among the senators who are madder than wet hens at this treachery are: Sen.Robert Toricelli (D-NJ), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)and Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).
Lautenberg and Rep. Marge Roukema (R-5th Dist.) are also trying to whip up support for new FEMA grant legislation to help businesses and farmers trashed by Hurricane Floyd.

Orange County - Free Anti-Skeeter Spray at Drugstores

10/9/99  As part of the fight to stop encephalitis from spreading to our region, drugstores throughout Orange County NY are distributing free mosquito repellent products to all customers upon request. Orange County is footing the bill.

Quite a few Vernon faces among the freebie bugspray customers at Warwick Eckerd's...

Vernon Water Crisis? Nah.

10/4/99  At tonight's Vernon TC meeting, water issues topped the agenda.

Health Dept. director Eugene Osias gave a report of his office's drought-related /dry well stats townwide, based primarily on (a) data received from some (not all) local well drillers and pump companies (b) calls to the Environmental Committee's water problem hotline and (c) township monitoring of commercial wells in the valley. Osias' report tended to show that there was no "water crisis," and that any argument for continuation of local water use restrictions was in excess of the facts.

No statistics were available re: hydrofracting, a "last hope" procedure which may forestall the need for deeper wells. Similarly, no statistics were available re: the number of "pumptech" devices installed locally on household water pumps to govern low-supply wells. It was also clear that no wellwater stats of any kind were gathered in major areas of the township (e.g. Highland Lakes/Barry Lakes) .

Members of the public suggested that the evidence fell short of validating a conclusion that Vernon's "water problems" were over. Several Highland Lakes/Barry Lakes residents rose to say that the water problems on their own streets outnumbered the totals Osias' report showed for the entire town. Such statements, Osias replied, were anecdotal and contradictory to Health Dept. findings.

McAfee resident and past Vernon committeman Dan Borstad pointed out that the town Health Dept. has been aware of serious water problems in the Barry Lakes section for many years. Borstad also noted that, in other parts of the town, local wells which ran dry in past droughts have never recovered. He repeated his frequently expressed personal view that the town's biggest future problem would be its water supply.

Vernon resident and past committeman Andrew Borisuk told the TC that there was no water problem in Vernon,and he added that the whole water issue was a political ploy of anti-development groups.

While TC members expressed sympathy for residents facing wellwater (and thus financial) disaster, they appeared to be persuaded that these dry wells were isolated cases of bad luck.

A brief discussion of financial aid programs/loans made it plain that the majority of Vernon households would not qualify for much of anything. Twp. Manager Meredith Stengel cautioned the TC not to get involved in financial aid to distressed residents because it might expose the town to unwarranted expense and hassles.

Another study of the town water supply will be done.

Several comments made by TC members left the distinct impression that they are, as a group, clueless about the contemporary demography of the town's mountain and lake communities.

Candidates Night

The Vernon Chamber of Commerce is presenting "Candidates Night" on Thursday October 21, 1999 hosted by Hidden Valley. All candidates running for open positions for the Township Council will be answering prepared questions posed by Chamber Vice President Jack Smith. All attendees will have the opportunity to meet with and speak to the candidates: Francine Vince (D), Janet Morrison, Ira Weiner, & John Logan (R), Freeholder runners Howard Burrell (D) and Dick Durina(R)

Vernon Hallowe'en Curfew - It's The Law

9/28/99 The Vernon TC has passed a two-night Hallowe'en Curfew ordinance restricting the liberty of unsupervised persons under 18 years of age.

If you are not yet 18 years old, your mere presence on Vernon's streets from 9PM to 6AM on Oct. 30 and 31 will be a punishable offense. Exceptions are expected to be as follows:

Barring the above exceptions, if the police catch you out in the street during curfew hours you may be detained or arrested and your parents may be fined up to $1,000.

Just Another House

9/28/99 An ordinance to designate the Sea Captain's House as an historic landmark did not get enough votes to be introduced at the TC meeting last night.

Howard Burrell asked for the ordinance issue to be put to a vote because, he said, both sides ( i.e., owner Ralph Carnesecchi vs. the Vernon Historical Society) had requested action on the matter.

James Kilby was absent, Myrtle Hanke abstained (Hist. Soc. Member), John O'Connor and Howard Burrell voted against introducing the ordinance, and Dan Kadish voted in favor of introducing the ordinance.

Afterwards, owner Ralph Carnesecchi commented to the effect that the town had just averted "a large lawsuit." He has consistently argued that what may once have been The Sea Captain's House has since been altered to the extent that it is no longer an authentic landmark structure.

Planning Board: A Matter Of Public Interest

9/23/99  Like Donald Ross before him, Jeff Patterson has resigned from Vernon's Planning Board. Both officials gave up their planning board posts after joining the Mountain Creek/IntraWest management team.

It is generally acknowledged that Mountain Creek's development is central to Vernon's future way of life. The resort's housing/retail village, representing a considerable corporate investment by IntraWest, overshadows all else on the town government's agenda.

This week, Vernon Town Council member John O'Connor said that Planning Board member Dennis Miranda should "do the right thing" and, like Patterson, resign from the board.

In O'Connor's view, Miranda's continued service on the board represents "an ongoing conflict." O'Connor said he was "very uncomfortable" with the fact that Dennis Miranda is employed by
The New Jersey Conservation Foundation (non-profit org.)and is also affiliated with the New Jersey Highlands Coalition (non-profit org.).

Publication of O'Connor's statement coincided with news that NJDEP had issued a stop-work order to Mountain Creek, where a state investigation is now underway re: activities impacting the flow of a Hamburg Mountain stream.

The illegal (i.e., no permit) activities were reported by Dennis Miranda, who observed Mountain Creek employees dumping gravel into the stream last week .

Miranda has recused himself from voting on applications presented by Mountain Creek and has said he has no intention of being "bullied" off the planning board.

Town planning and policy-making - a nightmare of political snares and traps. Who will play false with the public trust? Persons who owe their livelihood to advocacy of the natural environment? Persons who owe their livelihood to the biggest real estate development interest in town? Persons who stand to benefit in any way from the town's economic development (or non-development)? Maybe the town council should automatically reject all board applicants who are not independently wealthy Space Aliens.

GPU Inc. Tests Vernon Residents' Patience To The Max

9/21/99 A representative of GPU Energy attended last night's TC meeting and could not answer the questions put to him by his company's longsuffering Vernon customers.

The constant pattern of power surges and outages in the town's GPU territory has played havoc with household appliances and has generally driven residents to their wit's end. Response in fixing the recent storm-related outages was correspondingly poor.

David M. File, GPU's manager of local affairs, said "We are working on it."

Another GPU appearance at the TC is expected in future, date not certain.

What's Up With GPU?

GPU (NYSE:GPU), headquartered in Parsippany NJ, is an international power generation conglomerate with 21 plants in 8 countries. They are in the business of acquiring, developing and managing electric generation ops worldwide.

Recently they have been getting out of the nuclear energy wholesale/supply business. This month, they sold their Oyster Creek nuclear plant in Lacey Twp. NJ to AmerGen Co. for $10 million. It also appears that GPU is now aggressively moving into the solar electric power systems market.

And last month (Aug99), a wholly owned GPU subsidiary, GPU Telcom Services, signed an agreement with fiber optic provider ValleyNet to connect interstate fiberoptic networks.

GPU's first quarter earnings in 1999 were $190.7 million, '99 second quarter earnings were $47 mil, an improvement over '98 second quarter loss of $195 mil.

As of 9/20 GPU had about 3,000 workers deployed to restore service to NJ and PA customers after Hurricane Floyd, and appx. 7,000 NJ customers were still without power on that date. At the height of the storm, more than 200,000 GPU Energy customers were without electric service in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


9/17/99 Vernon was lashed by torrential rain and fierce winds yesterday as Hurricane Floyd made its presence felt in our region. Electrical power outages ranged from half an hour to almost 20 hours in some parts of the township. Many homeowners battled against indoor floods - meanwhile, outdoors, huge trees were flung down by the storm and falling tree branches ripped down power cables.

Hats off to Vernon PD, DPW, and the town's emergency service volunteers, who responded to over 700 calls for help - ranging from fires to road blockages (fallen trees) to dangerous "live wire" conditions throughout the town.

Mystery of the Stones
9/15/99  The NJDEP is scheduled to investigate what's up re: MtnCreek's allegedly undertaking certain enviro-moves without a permit. Township officials said that MtnCreek backhoes dumped stones into a stream which empties into Black Creek. A current permit for the work in question could not be produced. IntraWest mgt. explained that dumping the stones into the stream was "an honest mistake," as the stones were actually meant to be dumped into a sediment basin nearby.
Vernon Hallowe'en Curfew Proposed? But of course.

The Vernon TC has introduced its annual Hallowe'en Curfew ordinance affecting only The Usual Suspects, i.e. half the population of Vernon:
Persons under 18 who are unaccompanied by a person or persons over 18 are to stay off the streets of Vernon from 9:00PM to 6:00AM on Oct. 30 and 31, 1999, on pain of up to $1,000. fines.

Public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for Oct.26, 1999.

Zone Change For MtnCreek Parcels Eyed

9/14/99  At last night's Vernon TC meeting, an ordinance was introduced which would convert 2 commercial/recreational Mountain Creek parcels into residential parcels by means of a zoning change.

The re-zoning is meant to accomodate IntraWest/MCreek plans for a ski village featuring appx. 2,000 resort townhouses and condos.

Get the CD

MicroSoft products may require a year 2000 software update in order to work properly.
A MicroSoft Year 2000 Resource CD is available free of charge - call 1-888-MSFT-Y2K and they'll send it to you next day. Install at your leisure.
Alternatively you can queue up with the masses online at MicroSoft's Y2K page.

Vernon's Well, Water Problems Over? Not Hardly...

9/14/99  September reports from the local well/water trades are bad news for folks who hoped this year's drought was "over."

If anything, calls for help with failing wells are on the increase. In recent weeks the area's well and pump companies, already seriously backlogged with new demands for their services, said that they have had to impose an emergency "triage" - constantly rescheduling service calls in order to deal with the worst emergencies first.

Demand for hydrofracting, installation of "pumptechs" (computerized devices to govern pumps in low-supply wells) and well drilling to reach new depths continues to overwhelm the local industry. It appears that Barry Lakes is in the worst shape, with Highland Lakes not far behind. Some households face catastrophic expenses as attempts to restore their water supply grow more complex.

In some cases, the findings of town inspectors add to the requirements - and therefore the homeowner's expense - of remediation. Awareness of this inspectional aspect may be causing households with dangerously low-yield wells to delay calling for service - instead, one local well tech speculated, those homeowners cross their fingers in hopes of a sufficient water supply recharge this winter. .

Meanwhile, if the drought continues, some in the local well trades say that "laying over" (referring backlogged work to other companies) will become impossible. They foresee hiring yet more employees to meet the growing demand.

Patte rson Now Working For IntraWest
9/10/99 Jeff Patterson, currently an alternate member and formerly a chairman of the Vernon Township Planning Board, is the second Vernon town gov't name to appear on Intrawest's management payroll.

Earlier this year, Vernon planning board attorney Donald Ross resigned his township post when he became IntraWest/ Mountain Creek's vice president of real estate development.

Patterson was hired as the resort/real estate development company's director of project management effective August 30,1999. It is unclear whether or not Patterson will resign his post on the Vernon planning board.

Whitman Bows Out

9/9/99  Governor Christie Whitman, faced with the imperative of hustling $100,000 to $200,000 in campaign contributions per week for the next 14 months, announced this week that she will not run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Frank Lautenberg.

Few question Whitman's ability to raise a multi-million dollar warchest. However, federal campaign finance laws impose $1,000-per-donor limits and do not allow (unlike the law re: state races) corporations to feed the kitty.

In her announcement earlier this week, Whitman explained that running an incessant fund-raising machine would, she felt, seriously interfere with her duties as Governor.

Whitman's decision leaves the state's GOP without a big-name candidate for U.S. Senate.

Since it'll be tough for a new candidate to quickly raise many, many millions of campaign finance dollars -collecting it @ $1,000 a pop - wealthy candidates who are prepared to spend "whatever it takes" of their own money (like Lautenberg did) have a clear advantage.

The Schoolbus Papers

Vernon Schools Superintendent Anthony Macerino was all set to provide the Straus Newspapers (The Advertiser-News hereabouts) with this year's schoolbus route schedules, but the Vernon School Board said no dice.

The Sparta school board similarly refused to provide that school system's bus route schedules and other requested info, like busing contracts / bid specifications. Spokesmen for both school systems argue that their refusal to allow publication of these documents is based on concern for student safety.

Until last year when, for the first time, Vernon and Sparta school boards nixed the newspapers' request, it was common practice to provide schoolbus route schedules to the Straus papers.

Citing NJ's Right To Know / public records laws, Straus Newspapers Inc. and Straus Media of Northern New Jersey have now filed a lawsuit against both school boards.

An order to show cause has been issued by Superior Court Judge Reginald Stanton. At a hearing on Sept. 14 in the Newton courthouse, both school boards will be expected to tell the judge why they are refusing to release this information to the public prints.

What's The Flap?

The records of any public board, body, commission or authority created pursuant to law by the State of New Jersey or any political subdivision are subject to access under the Right to Know Law. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-2.

On the local level, all advertisements for bids, all bids when opened, and all contracts for the purchase of goods and services are public records. See N.J.S.A. 40A:11-4, 14 and 23.

Under the Right to Know Law, any "citizen of this state" has the right to inspect and copy public records. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-2. Under the common law, the applicant must have an interest in the subject matter of the material sought, but the media's role as the "eyes and ears of the public" is usually sufficient to confer standing. Home News v. New Jersey Dept. of Health, 144 N.J. 446, 454, 539 A.2d 736 (1996).

If there is a statute, regulation, rule or ordinance requiring the records to be made, maintained or kept on file, then a review of all relevant federal and state statutes, regulations and rules, resolutions of the Legislature, executive orders of the Governor, and rules of court must be undertaken to determine if there is any provision for confidentiality of the records sought. If no confidentiality provision can be found, then they are "public records" which may be inspected and copied by any citizen. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-2. If a confidentiality provision is found, the records are not deemed "public records" subject to the Right to Know Law. However, disclosure of the records still may be required under the common law, and therefore a common law analysis must be undertaken. See Irval Realty, 61 N.J. at 375; Loigman v. Kimmelman, 102 N.J. 98, 102-103, 505 A.2d 958 (1986).

9/15/99  Judge Stanton upheld the actions of the school officials.

3 Charged With Bias Assault in Vernon

9/4/99 Vernon residents William Speechley,19, and Darren West, 20, were arrested at around 9:00PM Thursday after verbally and physically assaulting Lawrence Hardinge, also of Vernon, in an ugly episode which took place on Rt. 23 in Wantage. Hardinge was evidently the target of racial epithets and was pelted with rotten tomatoes by Speechley, West and a third attacker, Charles Ajaj,18, of Haledon, who were driving in a 1990 Honda.

State Police made the arrest and characterized the attack as a bias incident, charging the three perpetrators with bias-crime assault. All three were placed in the county jail . Bail for each was set at $5000.

What, still not registered to vote? Shake a leg! Deadline for registering is 30 days before election day.
Voter Registration Forms are available at the Vernon Municipal Bldg.
Simplest form you ever filled out in your life.

Avoid the eternal shame and guilt awaiting all those who dodge
The Last Election of The Twentieth Century.

MSIE May Give Entrée To Malicious Java

9/1/99 For web users who still favor MicroSoft's Internet Explorer, yet another MicroSoft Security Bulletin and patch. It seems that the MSIE browser is vulnerable to evil Java applets. Ignore the fix at grave peril to your pc.

Python Caught In Vernon!

8/28/99 Last night , fearless Vernon TWP Animal Control Specialist Caroline Roberts and West Milford P.O. Tyrus Hicks caught a 6 ft. long Python which had slithered its way to Great Gorge Terrace in McAfee.
The gigundo snake, first seen crossing Rt. 94/517 about 22 hours earlier,had eluded police capture until it was spotted at the apartment complex off Rudetown Road.

Roberts and Hicks cornered the snake at around midnight (!!) and caught it after an intense struggle. Asked to describe the equipment used to capture the python, Caroline Roberts answered, "I picked it up with my hands and put it in a wire cage."
All in a day's work for Vernon Twp. Animal Control employees.
The python is now lodged at the Vernon Twp. Animal Control Center.

Animal Planet should devote a program to the exotic wildlife captured by Vernon NJ's intrepid municipal employees. Who remembers the 6 ft. crocodile captured by Vernon PD in the A&P parking lot awhile back? True!

Farm Losses, Farm Aid

8/24/99  The U.S. Agriculture Dept. reported that East Coast agriculture will suffer losses of
over a Billion dollars this year.

The drought, combined with midsummer heat waves, has reduced crop yields/livestock productivity and has increased livestock death rates.

The U.S. Senate has already passed a$7.6 Billion emergency assistance package to help farmers survive the lowest commodity prices in decades. The financial aid package for farmers does not presently include direct drought-related assistance, but added funding for this purpose is expected from Congress in September, when the USDA will give a full report of East Coast aggies' '99 drought losses .

Current USDA estimates show our region's farm income dropping 19 per cent from 1998 levels, led by a 55 per cent drop in Pennsylvania and a 42 per cent drop in New York.

Part of the $1.1 Billion farm income losses have been attributed to higher costs of livestock feed and higher expenses for utilities, the USDA said.

French Firm Buys Out United Water Co.

United Water, the Harrington Park NJ company that has taken over several water companies in Vernon, will soon be bought out by French mega-utility Suez Lyonnaise for $1 Billion.

The French concern will then become the overall leader in the U.S water market, taking advantage of the growing trend among U.S. municipalities to "privatize" water distribution.

ůso, will the water in Vernon be fizzier now?

A Little Help Is Worth A Great Deal of Sympathy

8/24/99 Barry Lakes resident Laura Blank went to the Vernon TC meeting Monday night and told her municipal representatives the story of what has happened to her and her family in the months since their household well went dry.

The story is a familiar one to Vwebsters who saw Laura's eVoice messages of 8/7/99. To sum up, her household's well had to be deepened from 100 ft. to over 700 ft., representing an expense of $12,000.00, before any water was struck at all.

In conclusion she asked the town's elected officials to support emergency financial aid for homeowners whose wells dry up, and to bring pressure to bear on insurance companies - at present there is no such thing as "dried up well" insurance coverage.

Blank also expressed an unspoken fear shared by many homeowners in her situation: further depletion of the groundwater supply as a result of further hydrofracting and drilling of neighboring wells.

The TC's response was (a) to agree to meet with town Health Dept. officials to discuss problems of failing wells, and (b) to say that it would invite well drillers, legislators and water experts to the TC workshop meeting of Oct. 4 - to discuss what homeowners should do when they are out of wellwater.

Residents can look forward to an insightful discussion of the options available to folks who have no water, and who fear losing their homes because they can't come up with thousands of dollars to pay the welldrillers who'll be dispensing info at that Oct. 4 meeting.

To pass the six idle weeks until that informative chat, folks might want to email local NJ State Assemblyman GUY GREGG, who currently serves on the assembly's appropriations committee


phone NJ State Senator Robert Littell, chairman of the Senate's budget/appropriations committee, at (973) 827 - 2900.
Both of these NJ statesmen might appreciate input from their concerned Vernon constituents on this matter.


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